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Water Secure – “Water Grid”

This video is a short clip from an online tour video that Liquid Animation created in conjunction with Liquid Interactive.  The tours are educational pieces to inform the general public about the water purification process at the Bundamba Advanced Water Treatment Plant and the Gold Coast Desalinisation Plant as well as the Wivenhoe Catchment, Wivenhoe Dam and Mt Crosby Water Treatment Centre supplying water to the Southeast Queensland. These tours are presented in an interactive format online and on information touch screens in the Seqwater information centres. Video interviews and footage of water treatment plants was taken as part of larger learning virtual tour of the water process as well as a fly-over in a helicopter of the Wivehoe catchment, dam, Brisbane River and Mt Crosby Treatment Centre. Animated diagrams were added to videos to show the topography of the region and explain complex process during the water treatment process.