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TEDx Sydney 2013 – ‘Caged’

We were approached by the team at TEDxSyndey to create an original piece that would open and being the day on Saturday May 4th at the Sydney Opera House.  Director Michael Viner and Animator Peter Ryan got to work on developing a very sweet, innocent yet frustrated character Mr Ted.

With moments that remind you of Wiley Cyote and Road Runner, the story of our character is to believe in yourself, so that anything is possible.  TEDx does inspire you to be open and forward think, which our little birdy eventually does.

Mr Ted was also supporting the TVBs (Tasty Video Bits produced by The DMCI, Saatch & Saatchi, Jungleboys….to name a few) with hilarious introductions as well as animated title cards for each speaker.  Check them all out on the TEDxSydney youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/TEDxSydney/videos

Director – Michael Viner
Sound Design & Music – Johnny Green
Animator – Peter Ryan
Backgrounds – Christian Ronquillo
Design & Edit Assist – Laura Packer
Producer – Georgie Uppington
Special Thanks to Geoff Viner, Steve Viner and Horst Viola for lending us your artists and time